Walter Marget Educational Workshop


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

By Invitation Only

Each year ESPID sponsors an educational workshop for selected trainees at the annual meeting. The workshop is clinically oriented and interaction between trainees and faculty is strongly encouraged.

The goals and objectives of the workshop are:

  • To discuss, in depth, management of common infectious diseases in children
  • To provide tools to cope with common problems in paediatric infectious diseases
  • To present updated knowledge on common paediatric infectious disease problems
  • To conduct discussions among participants on the management of common problems
  • To provide guidelines for dealing with the problems under discussion

The Walter Marget Educational Workshop leaders are selected by the ESPID Committee for Education. All of the workshop leaders are outstanding clinicians with extensive experience in the field of paediatric infectious diseases.

Please click here ​to view the Walter Marget Workshop Guidelines

We are delighted to inform you that the Walter Marget Workshop will continue with its new format for Leipzig 2015. Our aim is to promote more shared learning between delegates and faculty in the workshop. There will be:

    • More delegates - now room for up to 50 delegates, see website for guidelines regarding your eligibility to join the workshop
    • 2 keynote lectures – Pablo Rojo to on "Treating bone and joint infections, bearing in mind MRSA / MSSA" and Nigel Klein on "Managing Severe Infections in the Immunocompromised"
    • 4 breakout sessions for case presentations, with a maximum of 15 delegates per session, including a Young ESPID co-chair – an increased chance for in depth discussions
    • 4 Clinical Themes for 2015 – Bone / joint / Soft tissue infection; Is it infection or inflammation?; Gastrointestinal infections; Infections in the immunocompromised                                    ​
    • Competitive submission of cases for presentation – delegates are invited to submit an abstract (max 200 words) of the case they wish to present (according to the 4 themes -above)  by 12.2.15. You will be informed in good time whether your case has been selected for presentation.
    • Prizes for the best oral presentations - the 24 best submitted case abstracts will be selected by the education committee for presentation, 4 in each themed break out session.
    • Case presentations – please follow this format (to give everyone time to present)–  a maximum 10 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for discussion​; maximum 10 text power point slides (can have some additional for clinical photos) – e.g. 2 history; 2 examination / investigation; 1 differential diagnosis – presenter to test the audience and then give their DD; 2/3 management & clinical progress; 2 sum up / literature review / outcome ; take home message.
    • WMW Programme – see below

      We look forward to receiving your case pre​sentations and to meeting you at the Workshop

How to apply and Workshop Programme

Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 12, 2015
Please click​ here to apply to the Walter Marget Educational Workshop!
For further information please contact: ESPID Secretariat (

Applicants who are accepted to the workshop will receive waived registration to the ESPID 2015 Meeting. Please do not register to the Meeting ​until notification of acceptance to the Walter Marget Workshop has been sent to you. In addition up to 5 accepted applicants from resource poor countries* will be reimbursed for travel expenses (flight and accommodation) up to a maximum amount of (EURO) €1,000 after the annual meeting.

*Resource poor countries are those countries classified by the Word Bank as Lower Income or Lower-Middle Income.

Please click here to view the country classification

How to Submit an Abstract for a Case Presentation

We expect the majority of delegates at the workshop to present a clinical case for discussion. This year delegates are invited to submit a short abstract (max 200 words) of the case they wish to present in advance so that we can be sure that on the day all the cases are discussed. Please select your cases according to one of the 4 themes for this year. Please email the abstract to by 12.2.15. You will be informed in good time whether your case has been selected for presentation. Prizes will be awarded for the best presentations.


Faculty for the workshop: David Greenberg; David Pace; Manolis Galankis; Javier Diez-Domingo; Oana Falup Pecurariu; Nico Hartwij; Thilde Winther; Elise Fernandez-Cooke; Pablo Rojo, Nigel Klein; Hermione Lyall

Registration                                                                                                             09.00 – 09.20

Welcome (Hermione Lyall)                                                                                       09.20 – 09.30

Opening Faculty Lecture                                                                                          09.30 – 10.00

Chair: Hermione Lyall

Treating bone and joint infections, bearing in mind MRSA / MSSA

Pablo Rojo      

Break out sessions – 4 cases per session, 10 mins to present, 10 mins to discuss

First breakout case discussion session - Bone, Jt, Soft tissue Infections and Infection or inflammation?  10.00 – 11.20

Bone, Jt, Soft tissue Infections                  

Chairs: Pablo Rojo & Thilde Winther

1) Maia de Luca - Fever and torso-leaning in a 25-month-old male

2) Alicia Demirjian - Back Pain in a stoical teenager

3) Konstantinos Karampatsas - Invasive infection and complications

4) Hanna Renk - Nosocomial bone infection

Infection or inflammation?           

Chairs: Nico Hartwig  & Elise Fernandez-Cooke

1) Maria Tsirigotaki - A teenager with chest pain

2) Lilly Verhagen - Asthma and labarynthitis?

3) Jill King - An unusual presentation of cytopenia

4) Adam Irwin - Unremitting fever

Coffee                                                                                                                      11.20 – 11.40

Second breakout case discussion session - Bone, Jt, Soft tissue Infections and Infection or inflammation?                                                              

11.40 – 13.00 

Bone, Jt, Soft tissue Infections                    

Chairs: Manolis Galankis & Thilde Winthers   ​

1) Charlene Rodrigues - Disseminated infection and complications

2) Lixandru Raluca – Ileana - Is it an infectious disease or a tumor?

3) Santtu Heinonen - Infection in a twelve month old

4) Emily Chesshyre - Blood borne infection            

Infection or inflammation?

Chairs: Nico Hartwig  & Elise Fernandez-Cooke

1) Maaike Kusters - A sixteen year old with fever and rash

2) Vendula Kratochvilova - Fever and rash – what's the cause?

3) Walter Goycochea Valdivia - Hepatic failure and fever

4) Nobuaki Matsuanga - Retropharyngeal abscess or something else?                           

Lunch                                                                                                                      13.00 – 14.00

Invited New Evidence Lecture                                                                                  14.00 – 14.30

Chair: Hermione Lyall

Managing Severe Infections in the Immunocompromised

Nigel Klein                                 

Third breakout case discu​ssion session - GI Infections and Infections in the Immunocompromised            14.30 – 15.50

GI Infections                                                     

​Chairs: David Greenberg & Javier Diez-Domingo

1) K.M. Shahunja - Gastrointestinal infection with extra intestinal complication

2) Sheila Fernández Luis - Abdominal sepsis in a patient with cystic fibrosis

3) Marie-Luise Summerer - Gastrointestinal infection in a one month old – what's the cause?

4) Daniel Jarovsky - An imported infection in a 5-year-old child

Infections in Immunocompromised           

Chairs:  Nigel Klein & Oana Falup-Pecurariu   

1) Govind Benakatti - Respiratory infection in an immunocompromised patient

2) Tejshri Shah - Airway obstruction in an immunocompromised child: what's the bug?

3) Alejandra Gonçalves - CNS infection in an immunocompromised child

4) Leny Kartina - Recurrent infections in a child with ALL

Coffee and group photo                                                                                           15.50 – 16.10

Fourth breakout case discussion session - GI Infections and Infections in the Immunocompromised                                                                 

 16.10 – 17.30                               

GI Infections                                                 

Chairs: David Greenberg & Javier Diez-Domingo

1) Govind Benakatti​ - Severe gastrointestinal infection – what's the cause?

2) Dwiyanti Puspitasari - Chronic diarrhea in a 5 year-old girl

3) Ulf Schulze-Sturm - Gastrointestinal infection with extra intestinal complication

4) Usman Nakakana -Tuberculous complications

Infections in Immunocompromised            

Chairs: David Pace & Oana Falup-Pecurariu   

1) Vira Chechenieva - Immunosuppressive infections – travelling together

2) Bonny Jasani - A neonate with a neutrophil problem

3) Christina Liakou - A severe eye infection

4) Adriana Silva - A severe infection in a child with ALL

Feedback & Prizes                                                                                                   17.30 -17.45

Hermione Lyall

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