Interview Ana Brett

Please introduce yourself and your role in ESPID 2015.

My name is Ana Brett and I am currently a Young ESPID representative on the board, together with Marieke Emonts. We aim to express the views of Young ESPID members, as well as to encourage their collaboration within the different committees. Our role in ESPID 2015 is to improve communication and networking opportunities between members and stimulate the participation of Young ESPID in ESPID activities.​​

Which sessions or aspects of the Meeting/Young ESPID Programme are you most excited about?

I am very excited about many aspects of the meeting, which I am sure will be a success. 

The Young ESPID meeting, right before the WM workshop, will be a great opportunity to meet with fellow Young ESPID members and keep them up-to-date with all the different activities of ESPID and its committees. It is also a place where we can hear about their ideas and challenge them to take up on new opportunities presented by ESPID. 

Following this meeting, the Walter Marget workshop, for 50 trainees, is an interactive session that is, without a doubt, an excellent chance to learn from the experts and discuss clinical scenarios. Don't forget to apply!

The conference has many exciting and current topics, presented by outstanding speakers – I look forward to attending these.

Finally, I cannot forget the ESPID Research Master Class, which has proven in previous years to be an exceptional seminar in which research groups can interact and juniors present their work. As a member of the organising committee, I look forward to getting together with previous collaborating groups and hopefully getting to know new participating research groups.

What are the hot topics in paediatric infectious diseases that will be discussed at the Meeting​?

The ESPID meeting aims to bring the latest research in the field of infectious diseases. The programme is very exciting and covers a broad scope of diseases. I am looking forward to hearing about antimicrobial resistance and strategies to prevent it, treatment of multidrug resistant bacteria, new data on vaccine development and clinical trials, keeping up-to-date with literature reviews on the most important topics in infectious diseases and global perspectives on arthropod-borne infections. 

Are there any particular challenges you face regarding infectious diseases now or in the future?

Infectious diseases outbreaks are definitely a current issue and challenge for doctors. It is important to follow the current Ebola epidemic to learn how we may better deal with these situations in the future. 

Also, one of the most important challenges in infectious diseases is the emergence of multidrug resistant pathogens. Strategies have been created to try to minimise this growing problem, yet a lot more must be done. 

What are you looking forward to in Leipzig?

I am very much looking forward to a great meeting where I can get up-to-date on​ current topics and research. I also hope to meet up with friends and get to know new people!  ​

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